About the book

A Discussion Workbook for Mothers & Daughters

A Discussion Workbook for Mothers & Daughters

One of the hardest things for mothers to do is to share their hopes, values, and life’s lessons with their teenage daughters.  Written as a workbook, “Leave Your Footprints Along The Way” helps mothers discuss these important topics in an easy to use format.  Each chapter provides an opportunity for mothers to write and share their individual thoughts with their daughter.  In turn, your daughter can write her thoughts in private.  This book will help you find the right words and the right time to communicate what’s important to you.

2 responses to “About the book

  1. carolynviens

    I originally wrote this workbook for my daughter Jacqueline when she turned 13. I thought I was pretty good at communicating what was important to me, but it seemed like every time I tried to talk to her about these topics, we’d get off the subject, she didn’t want to hear it, or we’d end up arguing about some little aspect of the conversation. When I put it in written words, she was able to read it on her own time, when she was ready and wanted to know what I thought. I realized other moms may benefit from this approach as well. I don’t attempt to know the right answers, or even all the right questions, but hopefully this workbook will help other moms and daughters discuss ‘the tough stuff’. I’d love to know what your thoughts are, if it worked for you, or what advice you’d have for other moms doing their best to share what’s important with their daughters. Please share your thoughts with us!

  2. Claire Gobet-Cornec

    When could we find your book in french?!?

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